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Virtual Roundtable

I remember attending conferences, before this current crisis shut that down, and looking forward to seeing good friends and catching up on the latest in our industry. While the sessions were good, the networking in the hallway and receptions were always valuable to understand the current issues and how peers were dealing with them. 

In working with a number of utilities across the country during the present crisis, we have found that there are a number of common issues people are facing including:

  1. Working Virtually after the Crisis Ends

  2. Crisis Adjustments to your business process that may need to stay around post-crisis

  3. Succession Planning

So, since we can't attend physical conferences right now, we have decided to try to recreate those great networking opportunities by hosting a “Virtual Roundtable” in late May/early June and need your help. What topics do you want to discuss?  Please pick one topic (or more) that interests you the most and also suggest others you would like to discuss. Send your reply to me via email to let us know!  You can reach me at

We hope you are faring well during this interesting time!

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