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Organizational Assessments

Through our organizational assessments, we evaluate the structure, people, processes, and capabilities of our clients' natural gas operations. We identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and provide actionable insights to optimize efficiency, streamline workflows, enhance organizational effectiveness, and drive positive change.

Notable Projects

Philadelphia Gas Works

RWA was contracted by Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) to perform an Organizational Assessment of PGW to provide an independent review of PGW’s Personnel, Succession Planning, Organizational Structure areas and to give a high-level review of PGW’s best practices, areas for improvement and exposure in these areas.

The High-Level Requirements for the Project included:


  1. Provide a holistic review of PGW since the sale process and potential changes over the next 5-10 years for Best Practices, Risk Exposure, and Areas for Improvement.

  2. Evaluate and recommend potential changes to the senior organizational structure, concentrating on succession planning and potential turnover.  

  3. Evaluate and recommend potential changes to the overall organizational structure, workforce planning and adequate resources to provide safe, reliable, economical natural gas service to PGW existing and future customers.

  4. Identify Organizational/Personnel Strengths, Opportunities for Improvement and Exposure. 

Source Gas

RWA led a team that reviewed the Capital Improvement Program for Source Gas across its four-state footprint which led to an overall assessment of the organization including key organization areas:, people, process, data, and procedures associated with the Capital Program and the Company as whole acting as an advisor for the CEO and the Board of Directors.  Interviews were held with key groups i.e. Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Legal, Operations, Corporate and State Management to provide a Roadmap to CEO and Board for recommendations and changes to be made to meet company goals including organizational, process, Capital Program (PMO) and project execution changes.  Staff was embedded in key areas to ensure changes being made were effective and to fill resource gaps in the organization over the course of twelve (months).

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